Link to webquest on what employers want:


Career readiness is the primary college-wide learning outcome. This outcome requires not only the development of superior technical skills, which assist graduates in finding employment, but also mastery over the soft skills required to retain employment. At the Language Training Centre, our clients come from diverse cultural backgrounds, and they need to learn that their technical skills alone will not be sufficient in the workplace: they need to be aware of soft skills as these skills are understood in the North American context. As well, they need to develop the language and communication skills which are the basis for soft skills.


This webquest would be designed for learners of English as a second language at the Language Training Centre at CLB 6+ who would be participating in the workplace language exposure program, a three-week volunteer placement at a local business or not-for-profit organization. The webquest involves searching for information and resources about the importance of soft skills in the workplace.


Suggested reading: Soft Skill


This is an overview from the Washington Post of some of the most important soft skills that employers are looking for.


By the end of this three-hour webquest, students will be able to acquire knowledge about soft skills from various online sources and platforms (text; video; Prezi) and demonstrate their knowledge by integrating the information into a 250-350 word blog post.

Information Sources

The speaker in this YouTube video explains why soft skills are so important in today’s job market

This Prezi analyzes one soft skill, problem-solving, in terms of giving feedback, the difference between perception and reality and workplace ethics.

This is the Conference Board of Canada’s Employability Skills 2000+

Description of Process

First, students watch/read the online sources in the sequence of their choice and as many times as they want. Then they integrate/synthesize the information. Next, they write a blog post giving their own perspective on the topic. Finally, they comment on the blog post of a classmate.

Other Materials Required

  • Student could show their synthesizing process by using an online graphic organizer like Padlet.
  • I would need to provide a rubric for evaluating how well the student has met the learning outcome.